Interactive means two-way. Our technology was built by game designers and scientists with this in mind: people want to interact and learn. It's a survey, but it can be alive and informative. Old-school surveys are a one-way street.



People like to learn about themselves. When was the last time you raised your eyebrows and thought, "Oh, that's interesting" while filling out an online survey? That's what we thought. No other survey technology gives back like this.



Interaction and rewarding experience builds engagement. Engagement means your customers spend more time answering the questions you want answers to. And then leave feeling good about it, and about you and your product.

The big picture. In less than two minutes.

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How'd we make this? No survey software is easier. Read on.

Create surveys in minutes. It's all online, it just feels native.

Using state-of-the-art client-side authoring software, build surveys easily, drag and drop to set question order, connect content with "skip-logic" dependencies, and more.

Survey Edit

Survey Launch

Launch with 1 click. Or cut and paste code snippets to embed in your site.

Single-click deployment to Traitwise servers using your custom imagery, or easily craft an embedded experience on your own site. Manage multiple deployments across a variety of sites, and integrate with your own database of users.

Results immediately. In the app, or emailed to you when a survey is completed.

Overview charts, per-question results, cloud-based downloadable reports. Configurable by launch site, date range, user status, or other custom criteria from the survey. Got code? Secure SSL API access to your data for custom integrations.

Survey Results

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