Why Traitwise?

Traitwise provides a software as a service (SaaS) survey tool that may be embedded on your website and mobile applications. Our highly engaging survey has been described as fun and even addictive, allowing you to get up to 10 times more data with a much better user experience. Traitwise uses gaming paradigms to provide immediate feedback and create user anticipation. Instant rewards keep users engaged.

Patient Profile

Gathering the information you need about the patient requires asking AND getting them to answer the tough questions. Increasing the number of patients willing to complete a questionnaire and the amount of information from each respondent means more patients to choose from and more knowledge to base your decisions. Our gaming-paradigms lower the barrier to asking more questions. You can serve up all the questions that are necessary for an in-depth understanding of the patient, such as disease status, demographics, co-morbidity, and psychographics profiles.

“Traitwise is helping PersonalGenomes.org enormously...”

George Church

Founder, Human Genome Project

Patient-Reported Outcome

Patient reported outcome research provides a voice for patients to share their experiences with others (Health 2.0). Patient reported outcomes are being used to reduce health care costs by comparative effectiveness research. By a combination of screening and patient reported outcomes, researchers are identifying effective treatments. Patient reported research also “reveals acquired behaviors and individual responses to health programs” necessary for improved health.

“The Traitwise surveys are very engaging and we have been able to collaborate with the Traitwise leadership to develop sophisticated, targeted surveys.”

Erica Moore

Secretariat, CNS Summit

Product Satisfaction

O’Reilly Media uses Traitwise to explore satisfaction ratings for the on-line purchase of books and videos. O’Reilly uses the feedback to improve the product offerings and the check-out experience.

“Just tried traitwise.com. Addictive survey...”

Tim O'Reilly

Founder, O'Reilly Media

Employee Satisfaction

Customers use Traitwise surveys to understand employee sentiment and explore their needs. By acting on key findings, customers have improved employee retention and identified opportunities to improve employee morale and performance.

“Addictive is right – it had me for 120 questions.”

Marissa, Survey Participant

Market Research

SnapBrands uses Traitwise to gather market information for their BeautyBox5 product. Each month, SnapBrands sends out thousands of boxes with new and exciting beauty products to members. They use Traitwise to gather critical information needed to retain current members and position their marketing objectives to reach the target markets.

“What an interesting tool. I spent over an hour on it, amazed at how engaging and informative it was.”

Wayne Caswell

Product Research

Traitwise surveys are valuable tools for product feedback, either for new products and services, or upgrades to existing offerings. Surveys may be used to explore consumer sentiment on a wide range of topics, such as: feature options, pricing, usability, ‘look & feel’, packaging, and delivery. Product feedback is critical to successful product launches (and used extensively for Traitwise’s new product release!).

“Our users find the surveys very engaging. It gives us a fast, easy way to get market validation on new products or features.”

Matthew Mellor, CEO

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